Retreats and Hideaways

Our quilting/crafting retreat facility offers custom-fit retreats and hideaway opportunities, complete with lodging at the Vestal House. (420 Main St., Nucla)

The main work area can accommodate up to 14 quilters with ample table space and chairs. We also have 3 ironing stations and floor-to-ceiling design walls. Other amenities include a kitchen and 2 bathrooms. Fifth Avenue Grill and Saucy Mamas, are just steps away for those who wish to order in.

Longarm classes and rentals are available during retreats. Reservations are required in advance.

If you’re interested in a retreat or hideaway please contact us.

Quilting Retreats (2-5 days)

Retreats for up to 14 ( and more if there are hand-sewers) with sturdy wooden sewing tables, cutting stations, and up to 3 pressing stations.  There are large floor to ceiling design walls and portable design walls available.  The kitchen has a full-size fridge and microwave, crock-pot, hot plate, coffee grinder and coffee maker. There is table space for serving meals. 

Cost: Starts at $40/day per person unless you have a membership (for example: a Friday-Sunday retreat would be $80, 2 full days of sewing). Check-in at Apothecary -anytime after 11 am.  Check-out on Sunday: 2 pm (later if the schedule allows)  

Retreatants can upgrade to long-arm classes and rental, depending on availability.

Minimum to reserve the Apothecary for a retreat: 6

Lodging/rv space is available at the Vestal House/Tooker properties.

Hideaway info

Hideaways are for those who just need to get away, and have some quiet time and a lot of space to work.  It allows a quilter/crafter to spread out, really dig into a project, and get ‘er done.  

Hideaways only require ONE person to reserve a space, and maximum is as many as you are comfortable with, However, 8 is the recommended limit. 

Long-arm rental (for those who are qualified) is available during a hideaway.

Cost: Starts at $40/day per person unless you have a membership.  A ‘day’ means dawn-to-dusk or 24 hr. day (for example 1 pm to next day 1 pm).  Reserve 2 ‘days’, 3rd day is $10/person to extend the hideaway.

Lodging/rv space is available at the Vestal House/Tooker properties.